About The Team At Megabits.com.au

megabits.com.au was originally a home-based software development company. The company started in the year of 2007, and has since progressed into a work office.

The company has continued to grow expodentially, and now specialises in the development of custom built applications, custom built software, database design and development, web based applications and access database development. Below lists the current employees of megabits.com.au and a little bit about them.

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About Us

Megan Cotton

Megan - Owner

Megan has been writing software for various organisations and businesses for the last 13 years and she truly is the original geek girl! Megan lives by the motto "she who dies with the most gadgets, wins!"


Bachelor of Information Technology - Software Development


Jeff - System Administrator

Jeff makes sure that all the computers are running in the top form and mending the ones which get system failures at critical times.


Diploma in Systems Administration


Stephen - Programmer

Stephen has been working at Megabits for the past four years, working predominantly on web based platforms. "Some people call it 'being an indoors person', I prefer to think of it as sitting atop my throne of technology."


Cert III in Information Technology
Cert IV in Information Technology (Multimedia)


Gopal - Trainee Programmer

Gopal has worked in retail for many years and has been back to programming for long term career development.


Bachelor of Computer Engineering - Software Development
Master of Business Administration